This blog is by an Estonian discovering her childhood dream country Canada. Based in Toronto, but sometimes traveling. Looking for an Estonian connection in the far away country and giving away tips about what to see, what to do, what to experience. Hence the name of the blog: Toronto. Canada. Estonia.

Sunday, September 30, 2012


These sweet pies are called korbid, which mainly consist of yeast dough and sweet cream cheese, egg and sugar mixture. They are usually different in shape. Google korp and you will find out more.
Mulgid ordered these for their event, as they really love that pastry!

Eesti Mulkide Selts Torontos 35

Well, there is no decent way to translate the title of this post. Mulk is a person who was born in a particular county in the middle of Estonia called Viljandimaa. There was once an organization uniting all those people born there, but now living in Toronto. I was asked to take photos at their last event, as they were shutting the organization, as there were no new members and the old are too old to run it. I chose the best portraits out of all the photos I took. One more surprise to come in next post ;)

Saturday, September 29, 2012


This is definitely a PG post, as it shows some almost nudity and bondage, which is an art for of tying each other up with ropes. The huge building I mentioned in my earlier post was meant for this show-event. You could walk around and take photos of everything you saw. Pretty cool and pretty surprising.

Light my fire

As I said in my earlier post, the city was covered with different hot-spots where interesting events and happenings took place. At Queen West near a huge building few people had fun with fire. Fire throwers were here and there and cool photos may have been taken, unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me and so I snapped some.

Nuit Blanche

As every year Nuit Blanche is offering interesting performances, art, competitions and exhibitions.
Here is a little overview of what was offered this week. More to come in next posts.

EKKT annual exhibition

This day is going to be very active, first an art exhibition and then a very exciting Nuit Blance as last year!

In Estonian House EKKT had put up their annual exhibition. EKKT stands for The Society of Estonian Artists in Toronto. It has been active since 1956.  EKKT is a non-profit organization founded by Estonian artists who had arrived in Canada after WW II. Many of the initial member have passed, but there are some newcomers as well, for example a girl on the previous photo before the last. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Estonian art

YesterdayI had an amazing opportunity to take photos with my friend of the Estonian House art collection. There were many beautiful pieces, but I chose these four out as my favorites. The last one is by a very famous Estonian artist, and his works have always been crazy like that. 

Smoothie time

We have discovered smoothies, so there is more to come such as this beauty.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


My favorite Craigslist continues to surprise me again. I found this posting for a donut. Very funny in the beginning, but this is no the donut you may be thinking, but a kind you use for dogs or cats, as their nest, but...who really knows. The message is what matters.


I am sorry that the photos didn't turn out as good, as was the food there. They have excellent momo's. If you do not know what those are, then find a place where they serve them, why not Shangrila.
I loved their sign at the ladies room :D

Check out their Yelp HERE.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I was invited to an interesting birthday. Two girls turned 50. Yeah, because 25 + 25 does it.

It took place in a little Swedish bakery/cafe.

Sorry for the yellow photo, but the food was great. Yummy!

Weird, shoes?

Not so weird shoes :)

Me and the birthday girls :)

I checked out a book which had many good recipes in it, so here you have two to check and try out.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Tree+bike=dead tree

Toronto is a big city, but it different neighborhoods have a real deep sense of community. They always stand up for their rights and when there is injustice they step up. I mean for real, fight for your rights! 
I saw somebody had put up laminated and pretty sturdy signs for bikers not to lock their bikes on trees. It is great how it works - there are still bikes locked. Of course when there is no parking you do that, I have done it few times. 
I think the city has to take the blame - too few bike racks :P

Hero Burger

Alrighty, looks like a lot of burgers, doesn't it? :P Just five days later I had my first commercial burger at Hero Burgers at Queen and Palmertson. It looks so good and believe me, it tastes the same. I am thankful for the world for giving such good vegetarian options to eat out! Must be the big city thing.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bombay Chowpatty

It doesn't happen often that you enter a pretty random Indian kitchen and you will find out that they are serving vegetarian burger there. I think this was the first real home-made burger I have ever had. The bun was a bit dry, but the content was warm and spicy :) I recommend.
Oh, if you want to know more about the place, check it out HERE.

Toronto from the East Side

This is how downtown looks like from the east side.

Street art vol. 2

I am discovering more and more random art pieces here and there. Here is one, not the greatest, but quite energizing :)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Holy Craigslist!

I have been praising Craigslist a lot in my posts, as it has brought me so many wonderful freebies or wonderful cheap things, which have become really handy to me in the beginning of my travels in a big city. So far the best thing ever has been the bike I got free from a nice guy Jason, I basically gave him a kilo of grapes and he gave me a wonderful bike! I have been tuning the bike up every now and then, but it is really wearing itself out, so I am not sure how long it will last. Anyway, great deals are waiting for you in Craigslist, so log on to //toronto.craigslist.ca/ and get your groove on! Good luck!
P.s. Hopefully I can share once a bit more of the CL gems!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Ed's Real Scoop

I was riding to meet my friends at Queen East 920. Guess what? The best ice-cream parlor is located there. This is called Ed's Real Scoop. Click on the photo to see their website. 
Anyway, we had a set of three ice-creams on a box with a little spoon. It was heavenly and I highly recommend that to anybody. They have another location deeper on the eastside of Queen Street.
Anyway I of course managed to get some ice-cream on my pants and the worker there was so kind to give me a tissue with a special cleaner on it, and he says I have give out hundreds of such firs-aid kits :P as lots of stains happen here. He said it is better than the dish detergent, which fades the color of your clothing.