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Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween decorations

Halloween is just around the corner, and so people have paid lots of attention to decorating their lawns, entrances of their homes and probably a lot also indoors. Since it is not so common, yet to celebrate Halloween in Estonia, I find all this decorating pretty interesting. Therefore a series of the shots :)

Closest to Halloween in Estonia is Mardipäev. Which is an important holiday in Estonian folk calendar. Mardipäev is on the 10th of November but children dress up as men and go from house to house on the 9th of November. Long time ago Mart put on big boots and coats. Their costumes used to be brown and black. Nowadays the costumes are more colourful and look different (even witches’, clowns’, cats’, dogs’ or other funny costumes). Children sing special songs and wish households good luck for crops, cattle and for the household in general. In an old time people gave to Mart bread, meat and the other type of foods. Today Mart usually gets a lot of diffrents sweets or even money.

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