This blog is by an Estonian discovering her childhood dream country Canada. Based in Toronto, but sometimes traveling. Looking for an Estonian connection in the far away country and giving away tips about what to see, what to do, what to experience. Hence the name of the blog: Toronto. Canada. Estonia.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Tree+bike=dead tree

Toronto is a big city, but it different neighborhoods have a real deep sense of community. They always stand up for their rights and when there is injustice they step up. I mean for real, fight for your rights! 
I saw somebody had put up laminated and pretty sturdy signs for bikers not to lock their bikes on trees. It is great how it works - there are still bikes locked. Of course when there is no parking you do that, I have done it few times. 
I think the city has to take the blame - too few bike racks :P

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