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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Toronto City Hall

The first photo I took in Toronto. Photo with a real meaning.

This is the new city hall, which is just few steps away from the old and much smaller building. The imposing building is one of Toronto's most distinctive landmarks.

Wikipedia is sharing about city hall following:

Revell’s design consists of twin towers surrounding a white disk-like council chamber which is mounted on a raised platform, with entrances located below that are open to the public. There is also a ramp located on the left side of the front entrance that connects to the platform and also leads to the council chamber. The two towers are of unequal height as the east tower is taller than the west. The facades of the twin towers are ribbed with concrete only on the convex surface while the concave facades are lined with glass windows and marble panels. The City Hall is nicknamed “The Eye of the Government” because it resembles a large eye in a plan view. Revell died a year before the New City Hall was completed.

Viljo Revell, by the way is a Finnish architect.

Estonia is 80 km south from Finland.

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